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Buy Raw kief Online. Upon hearing the word “kief,” many people’s first reaction is, “What, like that super-high rapper?” Well, sorta… kief (often misspelled as “keef”… we’re looking at you, Chief Keef) is one of the many lovely byproducts of marijuana, sitting squarely under the umbrella of products commonly called “hash” or “concentrate.”

Unlike some of the other methods of concentrating cannabis, though, kief is super easy to make at home and requires almost no extra investment. So why would you want to save/smoke it? Let’s break this down.

What are the advantages Kief?

One of the benefits of kief over other methods of making hash, including butane, propane, ethanol, and even water, is it requires almost no equipment and has no safety concerns. For consumers who don’t like the idea of chemical solvents, kief stands alone as a supremely natural method of concentrating cannabis, dating back several thousand years to hash-making locales like Morocco and Afghanistan. Even water hash can get moldy and could constitute a health risk if poorly-made… but kief is basically idiot-proof, in that you’ll always get a safe product that is stronger and more pure than straight-up marijuana.

Separating kief is easy. You can purchase a standard grinder with a filtration screen built-in, which allows you to collect the kief in the grinder’s lower chamber and then sprinkle it onto pipes or joints at your leisure.

Another more professional method of refining kief is a series of micro screens, often built into wooden boxes (normally called “kief boxes”). These allow you to filter out various grades of product and get to the goal, which is a pure kief made up of nothing but tiny trichome heads rather than the original mix of trichome heads, plant matter, trichome stalks, and various particulate. This super-pure kief is highly-regarded in the cannabis community and is often referred to as “99% sift,” indicating that it is close to 99% pure trichome heads. You won’t get there your first time, but a determined kief-sifter will tend to make a better product with each batch.

. Vaporize the KIEF the same way you do flowers, sit back and relax.
Recommend for best effect is use as a filler in your joint, bowl, cooking. Buy Raw kief Online UK.
Each Container has 2g of Kief.

Does kief get you higher than Bud?

How strong is it? Simply put, smoking kief gives a much stronger effect than regular cannabis flowers. Rather than sitting somewhere between 12% and 25% THC, kief (depending on purity) can be up to 70% THC — this means that you get a much stronger effect from less material smoked.

Is kief illegal?

Kief. Kief is a residual of marijuana, the powdery remains that fall to the bottom of a grinder when marijuana buds are shredded so that they can more easily be rolled into a joint. Though the marijuana plant is legal for medicinal purposes in some states, kief is still illegal.

How much kief is needed for edibles?

You’re going to need a much smaller amount of kief than you would use with regular canna butter one gram of kief per half cup of butter should do the trick. If it isn’t strong enough, you can always increase the dosage on your next batch.
Where can I find kief?

Guess what? Kief’s a product collected from cannabis flowers and leaves… so if you’ve got weed, you’ve got kief. Instead of smoking the whole flower, the tiny trichomes covering the plant’s surface are broken away and separated out, leaving behind what looks like a beige powdery substance — and there’s your kief!


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