Georgia Pie (Indoor)

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THC: 21.7%
CBD: 2%
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Georgia Pie is a hybrid strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics straight out of California. The strain is a combination of Kush Mints and Gellati, known as much for its berry flavors as for its nearly overwhelming full-body feelings of euphoria. The strain can easily leave you tingling, not just because of its THC levels in the mid-upper 20s but because of its potential to retain 3% CBD. For a taste of Georgia Pie (or what most would call peach cobbler) and an accompanying rush of happy feelings, this strain is an overachiever.

In 9-10 weeks, Georgia Pie flowers, yielding an impressive 18 oz. of usable weed per plant when grown outside. The plants flourish in humid, warm temperatures and are ready for harvest in October. Skilled growers remind beginners to always buy feminized seeds to get the best results. When it begins to flourish, Georgia Pie grows in small, insanely dense nugs shaped like popcorn puffs and speckled with sticky, snow-covered crystals that have hints of lavender coloring beneath.

GROWERS TIP: Georgia Pie produces a ton of trichomes when treated well, which is why the strain is favored by growers who want to use their garden to source high-quality concentrates. To achieve these results, Georgia Pie needs a good amount of regular trimming.

The main terpene in Georgia Pie is Ocimene, which helps users recover from depression and spur them into feelings of creativity and happiness. Those who suffer from muscle spasms, pain, and fatigue can find relief using Georgia Pie, which has also been known to have aphrodisiacal effects.

The taste of Georgia Pie goes down smooth, with a hit of rich, bright cherry flavor mixed with nuttiness, like warm dough. On the exhale, Pie gives you a mouthful of earthiness and herbs as the euphoria sets in.

While smoking this strain, you’ll feel tingly and a bit out of it, warm and hazy all over. Feeling lifted, hungry, happy, and aroused, Georgia Pie users flock to the strain to regain their appetite, give up their nausea, or treat an unfortunate bout of insomnia.

This strain’s effects run a fine line between energizing and sedating, making you feel a bit of both as you go up and down on a super-sweet ride of Georgia Pie. Many users experience feelings of dry eyes and mouth but the main takeaway is its mind-expanding feelings of happy calm.


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