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Galiano Strain

If you consider yourself a true weed lover, and are wondering why you haven’t heard of this strain, don’t worry. Galiano Strain is sometimes also called Northern Lights Haze, and is a rare, sativa dominant member of the Northern Lights and Haze families.

Extremely rare, and quite difficult to find in the market, Galiano Strain is a true mystery. It’s heritage and origins remain completely unknown to us, even today. But despite this fact, today the strain is a favorite of breeders and medical users all over the world for it’s deeply relaxing effects and beautiful, bushy flowers.

Galiano Strain THC Content

Despite the fact that it’s true origins and parents remain unknown to us, researchers and breeders have been able to find out a lot about Galiano’s genetics. To begin with, the strain contains up to 70% sativa content, combined with just about 30% indica content and between 18% and 26% THC concentration levels. As a result, Galiano is one of the most powerful strains in the market today.

Extremely potent, and packing a powerful punch, Galiano Strain is a personal favorite of many heavy hitters and recreational users. At the same time, Galiano Strain is also perfect for treating a number of medical conditions, including but not limited to depression, appetite loss or nausea, chronic pain and chronic stress.

Galiano Strain Effects

As a high THC, sativa dominant strain, Galiano or Northern Lights Haze, is a rather unique strain. And its effects are even more unique with both a body based and a head high.

The high begins with an euphoric rush to the head, which leaves the user feeling uplifted and with a heightened sense of creativity and focus. This head high is quickly reinforced by a body melting buzz, which radiates all over the user and leaves them feeling relaxed and comfortable.

However, since the strain is sativa dominant, it is not sedative, and won’t actually knock you out or leave you couch locked. At the same time, some inexperienced and new users might just find themselves drifting off just the same.

Galiano Strain Appearance

Since the Galiano Strain is so rare, not a lot of people know what it looks like. As a result, it’s important to know this before purchasing, so that you don’t get ripped off. However, you might be pleased to know that Galiano Strain has an easily distinguishable, aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Typical to most sativa’s, Galiano’s plant is rather bushy and can be quite tall. It’s buds are heart shaped and of a neon green color, with a number of bright orange hairs in the mix as well. This is capped off with a fine coating of golden, amber colored crystalized trichomes, which provide the strain with it’s high THC properties and potency.

Galiano Strain Aroma

In addition to a gorgeous appearance, powerful effects, and high THC content, Galiano Strain also has an incredibly delicious taste and aroma.

Each nug gives off the sharp scent of citrus, combined with aromas of sweet wood and heavy undertones of herbs as well. The flavor is also similar, extremely sweet and woody, with slight undertones of citrus as well.

Where to buy Galiano Strain in USA (Other countries included)?

Despite what you might think, Galiano Strain is not that easy to find in USA (Other countries included). This is mostly due to the fact that this rare, sativa dominant hybrid requires a lot of care and perseverance, which not all dispensaries are able to provide.

At Cannabis Genesis420, we are extremely proud of our large and diverse range of cannabis flowers. As one of the oldest dispensaries in business, we have the highest quality standards in the market, and handle all of our products with the care they deserve. Simply go through some of our reviews to see exactly why we are the best.


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