Freedom Dream Strain

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Freedom Dream Strain

If you are looking for the perfect Canadian grown strain, Freedom Dream Strain is the strain for you. A true Canadian born flower, Freedom Dream is a cross between Blue Dream and an unknown Freedom strain.

One of the few strains that are perfect strains for beginners and heavy users alike, Freedom Dream Strain offers an extremely high CBD content, and is well loved by cannabis enthusiasts all over the country.

But don’t be worried if you haven’t heard of it before, since the strain is a relatively new one, and is still in the process of making a name for itself.

Freedom Dream Strain THC Content

Despite the fact that Freedom Dream descends from the extremely high THC Blue Dream, this sativa dominant hybrid does not have a significant THC content. Instead, Freedom Dream Strain boasts higher than average CBD concentration levels, between 10% and 13%.

This makes it an extremely attractive strain, especially for new and inexperienced users of cannabis. The strain’s medicinal benefits cannot be ignored as well, since it can be used to treat many different types of chronic pains and inflammation, and has also been used as a calming agent for many mental disabilities.

Freedom Dream Strain Effects

Freedom Dream contains high amounts of CBD and trace amounts of THC content. As a result, the strain does not pack the side-effects people usually associate with high-THC strains such as anxiety, dizziness, increased heart rate and nervousness.

Freedom Dream’s high tends to be energizing and positive, and will mostly leave it’s users with an extremely clear head, increased focus, and the motivation to take on challenging tasks. But do be warned, the effects can take some time to set in, so you might want something else if you’re looking for immediate results.

Freedom Dream Strain Appearance

Freedom Dream Strain has quite a beautiful plant, with the long leaves most sativas have.

The buds are also quite beautiful to look at, though are not as resinous as some of the strains you might be used to. They have a light, mint green color, and are rather small and compact. Cleaning them before grinding can sometimes require a little effort, but it’s all worth it in the end!

Freedom Dream Strain Aroma

While Freedom Dream Strain is slowly gaining popularity for it’s high CBD effects, it’s aroma and taste cannot be ignored.

As soon as you open the packaging, you are hit by a strong, unsweetened smell which most closely resembles ground coffee or dark chocolate. So if you love your coffee black and strong (without sugar), you are going to love this strain.

The taste is somewhat harsh, which may be surprising given the fact that Freedom Dream Strain is a sativa dominant strain, but users will also be able to identify hints of a woody and tobacco-like flavor as well.

Where to buy Freedom Dream Strain in USA (Other countries included)?

Since it is relatively new, Freedom Dream Strain is not that famous in USA (Other countries included), yet. However, as a high CBD strain, Freedom Dream Strain does have a lot of potential, and could quickly grow to become one of the most famous strains in the country. Finding it may be difficult, since not many dispensaries stock the strain.

At Cannabis Genesis420 however, we are extremely proud of our vast and diverse range of cannabis products, and only stock the best of the best. Simply go through some of our reviews and see for yourself why we are the first choice for thousands.


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