Fortune Cookies

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Fortune Cookies (AAAA)

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 30% Indica / 70% Sativa

Fortune Cookies (AAAA) strain is known for its strong sativa side that imparts a ton of energy after your first hit. Creative individuals especially love the effects it brings, as a euphoric and uplifting experience allows you to accomplish any task with ease. Although you’ll be feeling inspired and maybe even a bit giggly, Fortune Cookies will slowly start to introduce you to her indica side. You’ll feel your body relax and any tightness in your muscles will vanish. As you come down, you just might be lulled into a deep sleep. If you want to stay alert, simply indulge in just a little bit less. Given how potent it is, this strain is a prime choice for those who are treating medical conditions. Mood disorders including depression, stress, and anxiety are best served, while Fortune Cookies is also fairly effective for general pain including headaches and cramps. Known to induce a pretty strong case of the munchies, those with a lack of appetite due to other medical concerns will be able to eat much easier after taking a hit or two – just make sure your fridge is stocked before partaking!


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