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Diesel Strain (AAAAA)

If you love pungent, gassy and dank strains, Diesel Strain is the perfect strain for you. This sativa dominant hybrid is just that, and is famous all over the market for the fuel-like, chemical smell it’s flowers give off.

Though it’s true genetics remain unknown, many think that Diesel might have been a phenotype of the highly pungent Chemdawg, while others claim that it actually is a cross between strains such as Chemdawg, Northern Lights and Skunk #1.

And while Diesel Strain is most famous for its pungent aroma, it’s potency cannot be ignored. Containing high THC levels and packing a powerful punch, Diesel is among the top selling products in all of USA (Other countries included).

Diesel Strain THC Content

While Diesel’s true origins remain unknown, breeders have been able to find out quite a bit about Diesel’s terpene profile. Containing 70% sativa, as compared to 30% indica content, Diesel Strain packs higher than average Diesel Strain content, between 20% and 25%. But that’s not all, since this sativa dominant strain also contains up to 1% CBD, and hence offers its users a truly unique high.

As a result of its potency, Diesel Strain is well loved by both recreational and medicinal users, and can be used to treat conditions such as pain, depression, anxiety and a loss of appetite.

Diesel Strain Effects

Extremely potent and powerful, Diesel Strain is well loved in the market for its high. The effects begin rather quickly with a warm and pleasant head rush. Users can expect a lift in their mood and a sudden urge to talk to anybody and everybody. But don’t worry, for all this energy quickly converts into introspection if you’re alone, making the strain great for all settings.

This head high is rather strong, and is often accompanied by mild feelings of physical relaxation as well, though a full couch lock is rare. But be warned, this strain is not for inexperienced users, and can quite easily lead to hallucinations and paranoia.

Diesel Strain Appearance

Like most sativa strains, Diesel Strain also has medium sized, round buds which are quite beautiful to see. Its leaves are yellowish green, and are perfectly accented by thick red colored hairs called pistils.

Though Diesel does not have a large noticeable resinous coating of THC trichomes on the outside, breaking the nugs apart reveals a crystalized structure inside. However, Diesel is quite sticky to hold, which makes it so much more fun to burn and smoke.

Diesel Strain Aroma

Now we get to the good part. As mentioned before, Diesel Strain is the perfect strain for those users who love gassy, pungent fuel-like aroma.

The strain has been named aptly, since it’s aroma closely resembles the smell of gasoline. But that’s not all, since the strain is also reported to have notes of orange and grapefruit. Breaking apart the nugs only intensifies this aroma, and adds the components of musk and sap into the mix.

Diesel also has a harsh, notorious smoke, which can induce coughing na watery sinuses on the exhale.

Where to buy Diesel Strain in USA (Other countries included)?

If you’re searching for Diesel Strain in USA (Other countries included), you’re in luck. Nearly all online dispensaries stock the strain, though not everyone has the same quality.

As a result, if you’re looking for the best quality Diesel Strain in USA (Other countries included), you’d do well only to purchase it from the largest dispensaries in the country. As one of the oldest ones in the business, Cannabis Genesis420 stocks a large and diverse range of dried cannabis flowers. Simply go through some of our reviews and find out why we are the first choice for numerous weed lovers all over USA (Other countries included).


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