Cabaret Strain

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Cabaret Strain

Named after the classic 1972 movie, Cabaret is all you would expect from a strain of its pedigree and more. An extremely famous and useful medical strain, Cabaret is guaranteed to get you up and about in a jiffy, even if you have no energy to do so.
However, despite it being quite popular among breeders and patients alike, not much is known about Cabaret’s lineage. Its original breeders, Altavie, have been quite secretive about the strains they used to produce this Sativa dominant hybrid which we all love so well. However, this lack of information has in no way affected Cabaret’s rise to fame, as it is one of the most popular strains in the country right now.

Cabaret Strain THC Content

Due to high levels of breeder secrecy, not much is known about Cabaret’s genetics and lineage. However, our team was able to conclude that the strain contains up to 60% Sativa content, and has higher than average THC levels, i.e. between 14% and 23%.
Despite its high THC content, Cabaret is well suited for both beginner and expert use. Its Sativa content enables the strain to be quite powerful and effective, without wearing the user down in the least. In fact, due to its potency and usefulness, Cabaret is quite often used to treat conditions such as stress, ADD, ADHD, chronic fatigue, depression and mood swings.

Cabaret Strain Effects

While Cabaret can be used by both novices and experienced users, some care is still needed. If too much is consumed in very little time, the effects can be quite overwhelming.
That being said, Cabaret’s energizing high is truly one of a kind. It begins with an uplifting, tingly feeling which starts behind the eyes and quickly takes over the whole body. Within moments, users can expect a surge in their moods, and their energy levels. Many report that the strain provided the motivation and creativity they needed to complete particularly challenging tasks.

Cabaret Strain Appearance

If Cabaret’s effects have you hooked, its appearance will surely seal the deal. Cone shaped and elegant, the bud features minty green nugs and thick orange hairs. However, the highlight of Cabaret’s appearance is the thick and resinous coating of trichome crystals which covers its buds. Not only do these give the bud a frosty and shiny look, but also are responsible for most of Cabaret’s cannabinoid content.

Cabaret Strain Aroma

In addition to its effect and appearance, Cabaret is also revered for its extremely delicious and fruity aroma. It consists of a sour citrusy overtone, combined with a sweet, fruity grapefruit like scent and a strong, spicy-flowery undertone as well.
The taste is even more delightful than the aroma. Based on a sweet and sour grapefruit flavor, combined with a light flowery and spicy exhale, it can be enjoyed for quite a long time even after smoking.

Where to buy Cabaret Strain in USA (Other countries included)?

Ever since it was introduced, Cabaret has only grown more popular in USA (Other countries included). Especially because of its usefulness as a medicinal strain, today Cabaret is one of the most demanded strains in the country. As a result, the strain is readily available in numerous online dispensaries.
Unfortunately, as a high quality strain, Cabaret does have certain special storage and handling requirements. Which is why you will probably find different qualities of the same strain at different stores.
This is why you should only purchase such high quality strains from the best online dispensaries. As one of the oldest and largest dispensaries in business, Cannabis Genesis420 has some of the best quality standards in the industry. Simply go through our reviews to find out why we are the best choice you can make.


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