C99 strain

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C99 strain

The Cinderella 99 strain, or C99 strain or Cindy as it is more commonly known is a Sativa dominant hybrid that was specifically created for fairytale lovers. With a dreamy high, above-average THC content, and uplifting effects, the strain is perfect for a lazy afternoon smoke, or when you’re on an outing with friends.

Originally bred in Amsterdam, the C99 strain was created by crossing the infamous Jack Herer strain with the Shiva Skunk strain. The result of this crossing gave us an extremely delicious and potent sativa dominant strain. While its dreamy effects make it an appealing recreational strain, the C99 is mostly used by medicinal users. Let’s see how.

C99 strain THC Content

Well suited for daytime use, the C99 strain possesses many useful properties. Containing up to 80% sativa content, combined with between 16% and 22% THC, the strain is well suited for daytime and nighttime use.

Despite the above average THC contents, the C99 strain does not have an overpowering high. Nor does its high last for abnormally high periods of time. Instead, its short lived high is perfect for treating a large number of conditions, including stress, chronic anxiety, mood disorders, depression, migraines, and chronic pain.

C99 strain Effects

As mentioned above, the Cinderella 99 strain does not possess a heavy, overpowering high. Instead, its effects tend to be light and dreamy, and more focused on the cerebral side. Users often find a mild, relaxing and enjoyable buzz radiating through their bodies, while a cerebral high hits them with uplifting euphoria and a burst of creativity and energy.

The high barely lasts longer than 90 minutes, making the strain the perfect for focusing on difficult challenges and tasks. However, it’s best to go low and slow with the strain, especially if you’re new to the world of medicinal cannabis. Taking a higher dosage can easily make the effects overwhelming and cause paranoia.

C99 strain Appearance

Just like the Disney princess it is named after, the Cinderella 99 strain is also quite beautiful and attractive. Its buds have light, lemon green colored leaves which are secured beneath a web of dark orange colored hairs. Thick and resinous trichome crystals are also dusted all over the strain, giving it an almost shiny look. It’s extremely important that these crystals are intact, as they are responsible for most of C99’s potency and THC content.

C99 strain Aroma

If you think that C99 has a seductive look, wait till you get a chance to sniff it. Full of tropical smells, the strain gives off a delicious, citrus based aroma. Heavy, piney notes are also present, which when combined with the fruity scent create an overall, perfume-like scent. Not only will this fill your room quickly, but can even transport you to Prince Charming’s ballroom.

Where to buy C99 strain in USA (Other countries included)?

Needless to say, the C99 strain is an extremely famous strain in the whole world. It was included in the “Top 10 Strains of 2009“ list at the High Times competition, and since then, has only seen an increase in its demand and popularity. This, combined with the fact that C99 is an easy strain to grow, has made it one of the most common strains in the whole world.

As a result, finding it in USA (Other countries included) is not a difficult task. Many online dispensaries stock the strain, but unfortunately, not everyone has the same quality available. Which is why you should only consider purchasing such high quality strains from well reputed online dispensaries like Cannabis Genesis420. As the oldest one in USA (Other countries included), Cannabis Genesis420 has the industry’s strictest quality standards. Simply go through some of our reviews and see why thousands of Canadians love us.


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