Boaty McBoatface

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Boaty McBoatface

Yup, you heard that right. This strain honors the famous underwater research vehicle which the internet expertly named back in 2016. Nonetheless, this high CBD, sativa dominant strain was first introduced by Tweed right here in USA (Other countries included).

But despite this strain being a recent, Canadian creation, Boaty Mcboatface brings in a fair share of mystery to the table. Especially since it’s genetics have been kept a carefully guarded secret. But what this strain lacks in information, it more than makes up for in other ways.

Boaty McBoatface THC Content

Or in this case, we should instead be talking about the CBD content. Because this sativa dominant strain is one of those rare strains which were designed to be CBD rich. As a result, Boaty McBoatface only contains between 3% and 4% THC content, while it’s CBD content can lie anywhere between 3% and 13%.

Thus, Boaty McBoatface is one of the best medicinal and social strains in the whole world. It’s high CBD content makes it perfect for pain relief, and fighting against depression and anxiety. But the strain is not only loved by medical users, and is a well established name in the recreational community as well.

Boaty McBoatface Effects

As a high CBD, sativa dominant strain, Boaty McBoatface is a truly rare strain with unique effects.

Due to its unique terpene profile, Boaty McBoatface is perfect for days on which you just want to relax and do nothing much without getting extremely blasted. While it’s high is not long lasting, it is guaranteed to make you feel happy and giggly in no time at all. Thus, the strain is perfect for parties and social gatherings.

While the strain does not really have a body based high, its CBD based effects are well suited for pain management. A few tokes can even energize and motivate you to take care of extra long to-do lists around the house, or even help you get the extra push you need at the gym.

Boaty McBoatface Appearance

In addition to its potency, high CBD content, and usefulness as a medicinal strain, Boaty McBoatface is also loved in the market for its appearance. And while it’s name might be a bit misleading, we guarantee you that the strain does not look like a boat.

Instead, Boaty McBoatface has rather large flowers and super attractive, bright green colored buds, with a number of golden orange pistils as well.

Boaty McBoatface Aroma

While Boaty McBoatface is most loved in the market for it’s high CBD profile and powerful effects, it also has an enticing and irresistible aroma.

The strain gives off a sweet earthy aroma, which is perfectly accented with a citrusy and tangy scent. This aroma is carried forward into the flavor, which combined with the myrcene terpene, becomes almost impossible to resist and forget.

Where to buy Boaty McBoatface in USA (Other countries included)?

Just like the boat it’s named after, Boaty McBoatface is extremely famous. Hence, it can be easily found all over the country. Infact, a large number of dispensaries proudly stock it as one of their best selling products.

However, as a high CBD strain, Boaty McBoatface does have certain storage and handling requirements which not all dispensaries can provide. Which is why, we recommend that you only consider the top dispensaries while purchasing such high quality strains.

At Cannabis Genesis 420, we have some of the strictest quality standards in the market. All of our products are handled with extreme care, and are individually curated before being made available for sale. Simply go through our reviews section, and see why thousands of Canadians trust us with their weed.


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