Apple Pie Strain

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Apple Pie Strain

If you love apples, and have Apple Pie Strain for your favorite dessert, then boy you will love with this strain. An extremely rare, sativa dominant strain, Apple Pie Strain was created by crossing Acapulco Gold and Highland Nepalese strains.

Which is why this hybrid not only contains an extremely sweet, fruity taste and aroma, but also an exceptionally high THC content. It is a well loved recreational strain, though it’s medical benefits cannot be ignored.

Apple Pie Strain THC Content

Containing up to 70% sativa content, combined with between 24% and 26% THC content, Apple pie is an extremely powerful strain, which is strictly not recommended for beginners. The strain packs quite a strong and sudden punch, which could prove to be too much for the inexperienced user.

At the same time, Apple Pie Strain is quite a famous medicinal strain. It is commonly used to treat conditions and ailments such as chronic fatigue, headaches or migraines, mood swings, and depression.

Apple Pie Strain Effects

Due to its high THC content and sativa dominant properties, Apple Pie’s high is quite unique, and perfect for daytime use. It’s effects are quite famous too, simply because of the fact that they begin rather quickly and last for quite a long time.

The high starts with a strong, uplifting cerebral rush, which fills your mind with a deep sense of euphoria and unending happiness. This euphoric rush can be quite strong, and often even be overpowering if the user is not used to it. The cerebral high is accompanied by an eerie sense of motivation, and an increase in the ability to focus and concentrate as well, making the strain perfect for exceptionally challenging days and tasks.

The cerebral high is also accompanied by a light, and mild body high. While not sedative, these body based effects do help the user feel more relaxed and confident about their bodies.

Apple Pie Strain Appearance

In addition to having highly appealing effects, Apple Pie Strain is also quite beautiful to look at. The strain has rather elongated, fluffy, and spade shaped buds, which are of a brilliant forest green color.

However, what we find most impressive about the nugs appearance is the amount of THC trichomes they have. These tiny, amber colored crystals form a heavy and frosty coating, which gives each nug a frozen over, snowy look.

Apple Pie Strain Aroma

As the name suggests, the dominant aromas found in this strain are those of apples, and more specifically, that of a perfectly baked apple pie.

The scent is both sweet and sour, and has an insanely uncanny resemblance of apples. The exhale tends to be quite sweet and herbal, with a rich and earthy over tone as well. Burning the nugs can turn this quite pungent too, and rather quickly.

Where to buy Apple Pie Strain in USA (Other countries included)?

Despite it’s fame, Apple Pie Strain is not a common strain in USA (Other countries included). In fact, not many online dispensaries stock the strain. This is mostly due to the fact that there only is a limited demand for highly potent, sativa dominant strains such as this.

At 420 Herbs Store however, we aim to serve all niches of the market. As the oldest online dispensary in USA (Other countries included), we are extremely proud of our vast and diverse collection of premium cannabis strains, and stock only the best of the best. Go through some of our reviews and see for yourself why thousands of Canadians trust us with their weed everyday.


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